Techno Sky


Techno Sky participates in pursuing ENAV S.p.A. mission which is that of contributing to the efficiency of the national transport system by assuring safety and punctual circulation in the Italian airspace for all categories of users.

Thanks to the Company’s longstanding experience of over 40 years, improved and developed also through skills acquired in foreign markets, Techno Sky contributes to reaching the above objective through its maintenance activities and the optimization not only of the functionality of the technical infrastructures used for air traffic control, but also of their running costs.

Techno Sky activities are oriented towards “mission critical” highly technological sectors, where its constant high standard dynamic performance is combined with quality and acquired experience.

Decades of specific “on the field” activities combined with its unique heritage of capabilities and professional competence, make Techno Sky a one-only reality in the technical scenario of ATC (Air Traffic Control) and ATM (Air Traffic Management) environments.

The constant presence during every phase of the operational cycle of ATC systems, its search for continuous innovation in the various production phases, its constant commitment to maintaining the high standard of quality of its results, have all led the company to gain a leading position in a market where safety, expertise and quality are an irreplaceable “must”.

Furthermore, being “technologically independent”, permits Techno Sky, whilst providing its services, to pursue standards of efficiency and safety in line with the continuously increasing selective requirements which the development of the ATM market constantly demands.

Techno Sky’s organizational and structural profile has at the same time led to an organizational and cultural growth entirely consistent with its own market objectives and with the objectives of ENAV S.p.A., the Italian ATC Service Provider.

Human resources with their “know-how” and skills are the company’s real asset hence it cannot disregard the fact that it is constantly linked to personnel motivation and technical and managerial training dynamics.

Furthermore “social responsibility” is an integral part of the business approach adopted by the company: its attention towards human resources and towards the environment, its constant availability towards innovation are all binding factors of its business conduct but, above all, they are a part of Techno Sky’s culture.

The policy used in recruitment and subsequent introduction to operational activities, in constructing specific professional courses aimed at enhancing each person’s technical/cultural capabilities, strongly demonstrate how the company’s growth strategy is oriented, over time, to cover positions of greater responsibility without leaving behind the professional growth of its personnel (promote from within).

Hence the investments made in terms of professional training and formation are of utmost importance and complete the experience and know-how acquired “on the field” by its personnel, confirming that the company’s people are its most important asset.

Techno Sky provides technical-operational and maintenance services for 41 radar systems, 95 telecommunication centers, 76 meteorological systems, 198 navigational aid systems and 71 software systems for air traffic control at the units managed by ENAV.

These activities also include in-house development of software services and products for the air traffic control sector, calibration of gauging equipment, meteorological observations and forecasts, logistic support (spare parts management, training) engineering and the integration of “mission critical” systems.

Techno Sky can boast a unique range of technological assets, competences and experiences, acquired after decades of activity in the sector performing a key role on the ATM (Air Traffic Management) market and is not only renowned at national level, but also well known to the biggest producers of ATC (Air Traffic Control) Systems and to the most important sector Service Providers. In order to achieve these results, the company has acquired an operational structure which is strategically distributed throughout the nation and is able to provide solutions efficiently and rapidly for any technical, implementation and managerial requirement. Techno Sky also markets its services and activities on an International level.