ENAV is a public corporation entrusted by the Italian government to provide national civil ATC (Air Traffic Control) and management services. It is a public corporation entirely owned by the government’s Economic and Finance Ministry and under the supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. ENAV can count on about 3,300 employees, two thirds of which are in charge of operational activities. The Company provides control and support to allow approaches, departures and landings from the Control Towers in 43 airports spread over the national territory, and en route services from the 4 Area Control Centers located in Brindisi, Milano, Padova and Roma. Thanks to these complex operational units, ENAV provides around the clock air traffic services ensuring air traffic flow and regularity, with absolute safety.

Presently ENAV manages more than 1,6 million flights per year, with peaks that can reach 6,000 flights per day.

As in all high complexity sectors, a constant and consistent technological innovation has to be placed side by side to human skill and experience. For this reason ENAV continues to invest in modernization, new technologies and professional training. ENAV is a component of the European ATM (Air Traffic Management) system and it participates with full rights in all the activities of development, operational validation, research and coordination with systems that are perfectly integrated with the international technological context.

ENAV Group consists of Techno Sky, responsible for the operational management, the support, the maintenance and the hardware/software development of entire range of systems and equipment used to provide flight assistance services, ENAV Asia Pacific, based in Kuala Lumpur, launched with the attempt to manage all ENAV’s commercial activities in that area and Consortium SICTA that creates research projects for systems relative to air traffic services.

ENAV carries out many other services fundamental for the safety of air navigation including:

Aeronautical Information

Publication and updating essential aeronautic information for air traffic effectiveness (publication AIP Italia and issuing/updating NOTAM).


Regular weather reports, airport forecasts and immediate signalling of any weather conditions hazardous to flying aircraft.

Flight Instrumental Procedures and Aeronautical Cartography

Exclusive design and production of all air traffic procedures and aeronautical charts (civil aviation).

Flight Inspection

Checking in-flight radio-assistance (Radar, VOR, DME, ILS etc.) using ENAV aircraft to determine validity of information conveyed over radio.

Professional Training

ENAV has exclusive rights for training civil air navigation assistant staff at its Academy in Forlì.